Have a Safe Road Trip With Your Dog this Holiday Season
With the holidays coming up, you might be wondering how to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic to see family. And while flying has proven to be relatively safe during this time, potential travelers are considering road trips—to avoid close proximity with others. So how do you prepare for a winter road trip with your dog? […]
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Bringing Home a New Puppy: 6 Tips for a Safe and Healthful First Year
It’s gifting season and many people opt to add a four-legged friend to the family. If you’re getting a new puppy, however, there are several things to consider; just as there would be when bringing home a baby. Get off on the right foot—and paw—with these six tips for a healthy and rewarding first year. […]
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5 Scary Food Items Your Dog Should Avoid
America’s favorite, frightful holiday is just around the corner, and with it comes an abundance of treats. While most of us can appreciate sweets as a quintessential part of any Halloween celebration, pets and candy do not go paw-in-paw. If your dog accidentally indulges in any ghoulish goodies this Halloween, you may be in for [&hellip
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No Guts, No Glory: Your Dog's Microbiome Explained
Gut health and the microbiome are garnering a lot of attention lately, in both humans and animals. While still a relatively new research field, our understanding of the human microbiome is rapidly evolving, and veterinary findings aren’t far behind. Evidence suggests that our dogs’ unique intestinal flora influences much more than sim
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How America's Dogs Handle Separation Anxiety: Survey Results
How are America’s dogs handling separation anxiety? We surveyed dog owners across the country to find out.  Does your dog get underfoot as you’re headed out of the house, or become super excited to see you on your return? Does Fido destroy your shoes if he can get into the closet when you’re out -- […]
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Download Our Free Guide: CBD for Dogs
Did you know there are three types of cannabis-related drugs? Or perhaps you've heard CBD comes from hemp. What about the 2018 Farm Bill? And then there's this shocking fact: Marijuana has been used by humans since 500 B.C. Another fact you're likely hearing more about: CBD for dogs is becoming increasingly popular--both for pet […
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An Integrative Approach: 4 Alternative Therapies That Benefit Dogs
Western veterinary practices have made great advancements in recent years for dogs. From new surgical approaches to disease-fighting medications to state-of-the-art diagnostics: The developments have proven their worth. Yet while few will argue the benefits of conventional veterinary medicine, many are just now recognizing the appeal of s
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How to Soothe and Prevent Separation Anxiety in Dogs
When it comes to stress--for better or worse--dogs are just like us. According to the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, up to 40% of dogs are seen by vets for anxiety disorders. And just as back-to-school season can cause stress for humans, it’s much the same for dogs. In fact, […]
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5 Pet Photography Tips for Memorable Dog Portraits
Every dog’s face tells a story. And it’s nearing that time of year when you might want to capture that face—to feature it on your holiday cards. Or maybe you want to gift someone some pet photography! Here are five tips to help you score the best photos of your dog. Location, Location, Location If […]
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6 Signs Your Dog Is in Good Health
Your instinct as a dog mother or father is no doubt second to none. You can sense when your dog is hungry, sleepy, or just in need of a cuddle. But do you know how to check if your pup's health is in tip-top shape? This can be tricky—especially considering that your pooch can’t just […]
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Is CBD Right for Your Dog?
Have you ever wondered if CBD oil -- the substance often contained in hemp supplements -- could be a good option to help your dog? A good way to answer that question is to start by describing what CBD is and how it works within a dog’s body. CBD is short for active cannabidiol, which […]
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Top U.S. Cities With the Most Dog-Friendly Establishments & Outdoor Sites
Over the past few months, Americans have become remarkably close with their dogs. Stay-at-home orders were made much easier by time spent with furry friends. So, when pre-quarantine routines begin again, it will be harder than ever to leave dogs at home. You might be looking to take your dogs out for date nights, vacations, […]
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How to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Healthy and Why You Should
This may come as a surprise: 50% of dogs by the age of 10 have missing teeth and over 85% have some stage of periodontal disease—which means there is a lot of calculus (gunk) and gingivitis (inflamed gums) in the dog’s mouth. This often leads to bone loss, infection, and lots of pain. But there […]
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Here's What it Means When Your Dog's Belly Makes Noise
You’ve probably heard them: those sometimes loud gurgling noises coming from your four-legged friend’s belly. Sometimes your dog might act uncomfortable, stretching out like a cat (or what’s known in yoga as Downward-Facing Dog). Perhaps he stops eating, or you see him eating grass. Sometimes your pup might act like nothing is wrong
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Everything You Need to Know About Exercise for Your Dog
After months of stay-at-home orders where your pets may have been thrilled with your companionship, they may have missed out on some quality activity time as many dog parks and other public spaces were closed. Plus, regularly scheduled visits to doggie day care or with pet sitters and dog walkers may have been put on […]
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The Veterinarians’ Guide to Dog Supplements: Know What You’re Giving Your Pet
We all want the best for our pets.  When it comes to keeping them healthy and happy, few things are more important than the nutrition that we provide them with. But for most of us, our dog’s diet today is far removed from what it could be. Most conventional brands of dog food are formulated […]
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Flea and Tick Prevention 101
Fleas and ticks can cause serious diseases that are common in dogs, and exposure to these parasites can be a public health concern. In fact, flea populations have grown significantly as more people own pets. The amount of outdoor and feral cats has also increased, for example, which helps fleas survive outside.  Tick populations have [&h
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The Cost of Owning a Dog in the United States
  Because of the climate surrounding COVID-19, the world is craving social nourishment and peace of mind. Remote work, countless hours at home, and the fact that animal shelters and rescue centers are at full capacity are all circumstances that prompt the question: "Should I buy, adopt, or foster a dog?" Dr. Evan Shaw, a […]
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5 Reasons to Get Pet Insurance for Your Dog
When a dog has over 10 million followers on Instagram, it’s no surprise that 88 percent of pet owners say they consider their four-legged companion a member of the family. And with that devotion comes the desire to keep our beloved furry companions safe and healthy. That’s where pet insurance comes in. According to the […]
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How Telehealth Can Help Your Pet During COVID-19
While times are uncertain during today’s pandemic, life still goes on—which means there’s a chance your pet may need veterinary care. Fortunately, animal care providers are considered an essential business, which means your pet can see a veterinarian in case of emergency. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has helped
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